DNY Statement

Demiurge New York is dedicated to creating beautiful handcrafted contemporary wood furniture. These pieces are handmade in our New York City atelier by a team of master craftsmen and artisans. Our philosophy is beauty and simplicity in design. This is embodied in the artistry of each piece produced by Atelier Demiurge.

What We Do

Rachel Shorr co-founder of Demiurge New York and designer of Atelier Demiurge Collection and Editions.

Demiurge New York is located in the interior design building in New York City. The gallery serves as a salon for interior designers and aesthetes to experience the Atelier Demiurge Collection, with a magnificent selection of French and Italian antiques.


Demiurge New York exclusively represents the Atelier Demiurge Collection. The collection is designed by Rachel Shorr in collaboration with co-founder David Kellogg. Together they create with a philosophy of beauty and simplicity in design.


Atelier Demiurge is an internationally known luxury furniture and lighting workshop based in New York City. The Atelier Demiurge Collection was created out of a passion for classical and renaissance artistry, and the belief that there is something unique and original about the hand of an artist being seen and experienced through made to order furniture.


Atelier Demiurge is known for restoring and elevating the finest period antique wood under the guidance of Rachel’s artistic eye. With a team of master craftsmen and artisans, the atelier designs and produces timeless and beautifully hand crafted contemporary furniture, constant in beauty and simplicity, to be valued and cherished over the years.